Gian Paolo Barbetta, Project Associate

Gian Paolo Barbetta is a professor of economic policy in the Department of Economics and Finance at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milano, Italy, where he has taught for over twenty years.

Barbetta’s academic background is in Economics. He received his degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milano and was an International Fellow in Philanthropy at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

Barbetta focused his research on the economic and social role of nonprofit organizations, with particular attention to the activities and the strategies of grant-making foundations. He has written a number of works on Italy’s nonprofit sector, including The Italian nonprofit sector (Manchester University Press, 1997), “Efficiency of junior high schools and the role of proprietary structure” (Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2003), and “Behavioral Differences Between Public and Private Not-For-Profit Hospitals in the Italian National Health Service” (Health Economics, 2007). More recently, Barbetta published his latest book Le Fondazioni (Foundations) (Il Mulino, 2013), which describes the role of foundations in Italian society and details the other roles that they now play beyond distributing charitable funds, such as experimenting and evaluating the impact of innovative social policies; promoting philanthropy; and collaboration between different actors in the social field.