Amélie Mernier, Project Associate

Amélie Mernier is a member of the research Centre for Social Economy at the University of Liège in Belgium. Amélie is undertaking a PhD in Management in the framework of the Baillet Latour Chair in social investment and philanthropy launched in December 2012. The Baillet Latour Chair’s research agenda centers on foundations as enterprises with societal aims, impact measurements and philanthropists as partners for social entrepreneurs.
With an academic background in mathematics, economics, and actuarial sciences, she worked in the finance and insurance sectors for 4 years (non-life insurance, asset and liability management, quantitative risk management consultancy) before reorienting her career to focus on the non-profit sector. She also volunteered for one year in charities (among others in the microfinance field) in South America.
Her PhD project focuses on the strategic choices made by philanthropic organizations and their determinants in Belgium. Amélie is also working on the governance of philanthropic organizations and the related issues of the public interest.