PtP How-To Booklets

Having identified this promising new route to the formation of charitable endowments for the public good, the PtP Project is seeking to encourage its more widespread use, particularly in regions where charitable institutions and charitable resources are in short supply. It does so in the belief that the assets involved in such transactions are ultimately not the government’s assets, but the people’s assets—often their only such assets—created by the sweat and toil of a country’s workers or belonging to the people as part of their birth right of resources. While the proceeds of such transactions can be used for a variety of purposes, the creation of charitable endowments has surfaced in numerous cases as a highly valuable one, creating permanent assets dedicated to the common good and establishing an alternative private channel for addressing priority issues that may not yet have attracted governmental attention.

To that end, the PtP team has been at work commissioning and refining a set of best-practice and "how-to" guidance materials to assist local groups in implementing the PtP concept in their locales designed to acquaint citizens with how the PtP approach to foundation development can be applied to each particular asset class. To do so, each of these booklets will explain what the asset class is, what the scale of such transactions has been and will likely be in the future, and what downsides may accompany each type of transaction. They will then look at how PtP can overcome these issues, yield win-win outcomes for stakeholders, and provide step-by-step guidance to help advocates understand the transactions and encourage the establishment of PtP Foundations in their countries.

Click through the links below to download the available How-to booklets and learn more about applying PtP to the various asset classes.


Coming soon:

  • The Case for Foundations as a Destination for PtP Assets by David Hammack, Boris Strecansky, and Lester M. Salamon
  • Guidelines for Best Practice on Organizing and Operating a PtP Foundation by Nigel Siederer and Lester M. Salamon
  • How to Apply PtP to Extractive Industries by Nick Pelosi and Lester M. Salamon
  • How to Engage Civil Society Organizations in PtP Implementations by Chuck Bell and Lester Salamon
  • How to Apply PtP to Debt Swaps by Ross Buckley and Lester M. Salamon
  • How to Apply PtP to Concessions by Marcos Kisil and Lester M. Salamon