Here we will post links to stories about pending privatizations transactions that might be suitable for PtP.

    Serbia to privatize national news agency, media houses
    Global Post, 3 October 2014
    This article highlights a call for buyers for 11 state-owned news agencies. This call follows an earlier call for buyers for 502 other private companies – including 70 media agencies.
    Nigeria plans to privatize airports
    Shanghai Daily, 3 October 2014
    This article discusses Nigeria’s plans to commence privatization of airports with an eye toward increasing efficiency, following a concession model developed in the privatization of the country’s seaports.
    Board of Directors Head: Aeroflot to Privatize 10% of Shares in 2014
    RIA Novosti, 20 September 2014
    This article discusses plans to privatize 10 percent of Aeroflot’s shares via the Moscow stock exchange as the first stage of the privatization of Russia’s flagship carrier. The Russian government currently holds 51.17 percent of Aeroflot shares.
    Cuba to privatize 9,000 restaurants
    Global Post, 19 September 2014
    This article discusses Cuban government plans to sell nearly 9,000 state-owned restaurants to private operators as the latest step in the country’s economic reforms. These restaurants would join 1,261 existing private restaurants that offer better-quality food and service at a higher price than state establishments.
    Portugal to privatize national carrier by end of year
    ETN, 14 September 2014
    this article discussed the Portugese government’s plans to to sell off 49 percent of the country’s flag carrier TAP by the end of 2014 in compliance with a memorandum of understanding with Troika — the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank — as part of a 78 billion Euro financial bailout signed in 2011.
    Congress Could Privatize Asteroids, Because There Isn’t Anything Else To Do
    Zach Carter, Huffington Post, 9 September 2014
    This article discusses legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that would privatize asteroids via a new property rights regime for deep space. While this article is a tongue-in-cheek look at unlikely legislation, it speaks to the wide variety of privatization options.