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How to Apply PtP to State-Owned Enterprises (PtP How-To Booklet no. 2, 2.2018) « How-To Booklets « Papers and Reports « Downloads

Date postedFebruary 7, 2018
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PtP How-To Booklet No. 2 | William L. Megginson and Lester M. Salamon.
This booklet, like the others in the series of such documents produced by the PtP Project, is designed to acquaint citizens with how the PtP approach to foundation development can be applied to one particular asset class—in this case the privatization of state-owned enterprises. To do so, the booklet first explains what privatization of state-owned assets is, why it has been pursued by governments, what the scale of such transactions has been and will likely be in the future, and what downsides accompany privatizations. It then looks at how PtP can overcome these issues and yield win-win outcomes for governments, investors, affected communities, and citizens more generally.


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