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Date postedSeptember 24, 2014
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PtP Working Paper no. 1 | Peter McKinlay.
This working paper is one of a series of interim products of the PtP Project. This paper, authored by PtP Case Study Associate Peter McKinlay, provides an overview of “the deal” in each of 19 case studies to clarify and assess: (a) the nature of the assets that were privatized; (b) the exact nature of the transactions through which these transfers were executed; (c) any limitations placed on the use of these assets or their subsequent re-investment; and (d) the management and evolution of these assets over time. The paper also presents the author’s judgement about lessons the 19 case studies hold for how best to structure the deals that carry out PtP transactions and the subsequent management of the resulting assets.
PLEASE NOTE: This paper is an interim product and no attempt has been made to subject the paper to editing or rigorous fact-checking by the original case-study authors. Readers interested in the final interpretation of particular case study details are therefore referred to the final project report.
However, access to these interim products may still be of interest to illustrate the richness of the underlying material, the process involved in making coherent sense of it, and some additional analytical perspectives on the findings.


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